Single origin – cocoa and coffee made from beans grown in a specific region. More premium. More sustainable.
Our products are sourced from the volcanic belt of Cameroon with soil rich in nutrients, high altitude and tropical rainfall. Through the years, the richness of the soil is replenished by periodic volcanic activity from Fire Mountain. We invite you to discover our range of Single Origin chocolate and coffee.

Our Cocoa Beans:

Type : High-grade Trinitario cocoa

Location : Cameroon, Central Africa

Farms : Mainly from the fertile regions surrounding Mount Cameroon with rich volcanic soil.

Chocolate bars

Italian and UK chocolatiers have created a range of Bean to Bar chocolate products of single origin and high quality. Available products are:

These are supplied as 5g, 10g, 30g and 50g bars.

Premium Chocolate Bars

  • 75% Dark Chocolate
  • 55% Dark Chocolate
  • 40% Milk Chocolate

These are supplied as 5g, 10g, 30g and 100g bars.


Cameroon fresh medium roast coffee beans

  • Grown in the Mount Cameroon region
  • Mellow nutty caramel flavour
  • Medium roast
  • Traceability to the coffee farm
  • Available in 250g, 500g and 1 Kg quantities.